youvenever heardofme

y people want more from me or not at all as much.

how does perception embed itself in forming we?

how do I interact with perception as choice?
As pattern?
As availability?

Then what?

I’m often asked to turn down my affect – the feeling in me. tdfw?

and people often say they don’t understand what i mean. understand? please. youvenever even heardofme.

i often climb to sensorial heights and then vanish, no lead rope. so i’m learning to name structure, mark pattern, identify form. now if i’d like you to, you can see what i do.

i was carried here by feeling and will lead with walking form. i’ll get down from the horse – it’s not that high (…)  and make footprints. i will walk so you can follow.

movement, affect, perception, effect, choice, pattern in no particular order.

youvenever even heardofme. never heardof your dislike for me or your disrespect. neverknew this as my home. neverthought all you see as not your own. youvenever heardof your adoration your perception or connection. of me. your love or fear or idea of me. never heardof  your inability to recognize what you see. these patterns and perceptions are yours. and that, has nothing to do with me. you wonder how this forms a we? how could it? youvenever even heardofme.

we are magic. we are life.
this appreciation is key.

we can form decisions. we can make them. we can re-recognize. we can change. we can see.

i am rigor(ous) flesh deep in waters of affect. i float up to the surface to see what i see. throatbelly less tight now, learning to breathe. i can feel energy sound from all sides out of me. i wait. as vibration moves to ease, i perceive / believe what I’m open to see while vigorous intellect speaks a bell tone from me..

perception is separate from precepts.

blown-out or dived-in people will be people.. both are gaining intuition.

* i refer to weight as: mass/atoms that work with affect and effect with an eye on existential and idealogical metaphor. i find our beings to be our place of perception. in this place we are moving; the place is also moving.


photo: me by kate sweeney