and so.

speak so you can be understood.

edits and all.

i understand my being in movement more than sitting. this makes sense. but does not need to. making sense and the need for it are two different things. and identifying them, abilities. so senses and needs.

let us begin.

we rolled and played and spoke. it was like a room of three women but only because it was. spake. speaking and dancing. speak and see. spell sitting and dancing. speaking for we.

it was good.

and what i dig most is the thing i can’t identify yet. iii see what i do dig that too. no commas necessary.


bleeding is a thing that brings you closer to the earth. like pissing on it. like growing. like eating from it. like sleeping. i do not have reference for a shit in the woods but i’m sure as a youngster i must have, that was what we did.

and now. i dance in a studio. the earth was my home. dance was for all things here and not. and once was enough to do work in a drought. i come from long lines of us. poet and sage. and wonder is why we press onward by day. night is the waking ones rest and insight. i fly out by night; all day is too, lovely. but not in plain sight.

i need mountain sky.

do, and the space. where light is all out to touch all of my skin without shaming or danger or hatred set in.

my skinnedwings need the sky.

thank you existence for the soul i have in.

-HAWKEYE, gratitude.

a ramble with things (excerpt 7OCT2017, edit fri may 15, 2020 13:24 AM)

photo : me by chip willis 2016