FACILITATION | Spring 2021 – online

Creativity and Meditation
1:1 sessions, sliding fee, contact for pricing

Benevolent Instruction with CoCo Loupe, Mina Estrada, Noelle Chun
group, twice monthly, free/donation

Lecture / Experiential Workshop at Academy Retreat
Atlantic Center for the Arts
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
online April 2021

Nicole improvising with one of the pieces in “Neural” (2019) a visual art installation of fabric and titanium by Jacs Fishburne at Beeler Gallery; photo by Jacs

Booking and Questions

Remote or In-Person Facilitation:

Dance and Inter/Transdisciplinary Art

Improvisation and Collective Practices

Art in Public places and Private settings

Workshops and Residencies

Experiential Happenings


Currently in process on a solo, yet unnamed (2021)

View a few excerpts and images of past choreography via Vimeo and Archive
See me in “Wren”, a dance film by Bebe Miller (2019)


Intuition finding form
Imagination and awareness
Experiments of perception and physicality
Ideas and choices
Research as play
Play as research
Process as performance and product
Collaboration to unhook perceived bi/tri/multi-naries and our habits in-between

I am interested in:
Theory and action
Rigorous wonder
Agency and empathy as guides for choice
Connection of beings of different age, nation, culture, race, sex, gender, ability, identity, and belief

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Onstage performance of Garlando’s “one, to many” (2015) a participatory structured improvisation mixing audience members and performers Mihwa Koo, Nicole Garlando and Tawanda Chabikwa who test the boundaries of personal space with gestures and movements toward and away. Still from video, Barnett Theatre, The Ohio State University.