the body and the work both as object of effect and as affective subject-

(excerpt 2014) notes on the Eliot / Bales_ Historical exogesic_ in-depth analysis of dance “events” including specific dances; notation and music scores; accounts of performances; teaching styles; cultural and political movements; physical movements; dance theory; film; technological advances; makers and processes._ “exegesis that allows us to change our perception and relationship to what is already… Continue reading the body and the work both as object of effect and as affective subject-


east coast beach scene sunrise, wood poles and bottom half a "do not enter" sign

just write what you hear. yes please the light again it is silvery. tinkling like dandelion shimmers in a cool clear clutter of things. the light in streaks it seeps. in swirls today. some days it shines straight in and some days it climbs. up from the water and down from the skies.  the light… Continue reading metal


listen to your selfget to know your doubt doubt not that you are listening: we are not thoughtwe are perception we are the skies raining out  the bird is the mountain sound its own w/ringing out  we drop the banter and the wind blows it about.  # -excerpt of daily-ness, one of today's: "banter" by… Continue reading banter

nothing personal

reflection of bright light fractured on a pale wall

there is a little thing and it is understood there are many things. a small thing can often be the heaviest. and to challenge oneself we must look at the small things as important aspects of character and reality.  one’s character is a reality. an understanding of a lack of trustworthiness means people's lies are… Continue reading nothing personal

what if gravity is not what we think?

three sheets of grey paper staggered and layered w minimal marks of sharpie, black paint, and turqiouse patina from copper along with this piece of writing

change is perceived and we call it TIME. IMAGINE space is a plasma-like substance and TIME is the movement of mass which creates variable waves in all directions. waves create dimensions. whether planets, light or energy - mass is moving and changing. we observe it from our perspective. and so, OUR perspective is TIME. TIME… Continue reading what if gravity is not what we think?