What is ‘self ‘ ?

Turn off and write. Are you there?  yes you ask everyitme and i am always. have you ever heard me ssay no? when you ask? no do you say no to asking?  yes. and to typos... funny. now. listen and we'll type. slow down and see only what you see. this question of self and what… Continue reading What is ‘self ‘ ?

all the Time finding moments

tree tops

"Have you done a treetop one yet?" prompt by Justin. photo by cole. Finding moments. Searching for constancy. And all the Time   finding moments. One does not stand upon time. Here I'd love to draw that little loop he motioned. It would begin at 3oclock and move counterclockwise the size of a fist. Thicker as… Continue reading all the Time finding moments

“I thought” or “It made me think of”

instax wall at kate and moxy's   jan2014   photo by cole How long do we live? Do I know when I'll die? I see myself. I don't imagine myself as an old woman. There is something easy about death for me. I wonder if he has seen this? Who cares. When light disappears so does… Continue reading “I thought” or “It made me think of”