all the Time finding moments

tree tops

"Have you done a treetop one yet?" prompt by Justin. photo by cole. Finding moments. Searching for constancy. And all the Time   finding moments. One does not stand upon time. Here I'd love to draw that little loop he motioned. It would begin at 3oclock and move counterclockwise the size of a fist. Thicker as… Continue reading all the Time finding moments

dew: wet – response on this week’s pubLicK practice

A duet. Many vocals, some words but mostly sounds in a wide range of dynamic and affect. If some witnesses could not see us in the second floor window, anyone passing within 30 feet could hear us. We did not acknowledge others but our busy crossroad location and the open windows sufficed as invitation. We… Continue reading dew: wet – response on this week’s pubLicK practice

Questions of “9 Spaces”

In 2013, I created a work for Columbus Moving Company's concert Off the Wall. Each dance maker's work began from a piece of visual art in the Pizzuti Collection. I chose Roberto Diago's "Untitled 2011" and developed a process. The process was originally performed under the title "         " (that's nine spaces between… Continue reading Questions of “9 Spaces”

An Intimate Partner – response to this week’s private practice

still of video by nicole from "ROI" a process conceived and directed by tawanda, with coco loupe at Feverhead 2013 Two rectangular beams - wooden pillars, create a 7-foot wide 7-foot tall transition between two rooms in my home. I have a very intimate relationship with these bodies. I know their smell, their texture, their hollow places that give a bit; the… Continue reading An Intimate Partner – response to this week’s private practice