photo by nico on 17September2014. we make choices about what we communicate. how we create ourselves and relate. my friend Leslie once gave me the image of the inner circle of friends/loved ones as a bullesye. it's like with every interaction there is: 1 and 2. our want and ability to offer our inner circle. 3 and 4. an… Continue reading Intim{ID]acy

you’re not: zen

page hall nov 25, 2014 photo by nico "Punctuation can do more than words" Tom Kasulis said tonight during the introduction of himself at his lecture "Zen Buddhism as Creativity". He shared many good thoughts with us including "I  is the name for the flow of my experiences". I give the entire happening a bloody thumbs-up. Yesterday I read an old journal excerpt,… Continue reading you’re not: zen

Repetition + Adaptation = Truth… and dichotomies as praxis?

i made this sticky - a post from years ago.. same - and an edit. our shadows and smokey  11Oct2014   photo by cole Last night I attended Vida Midgelow's lecture and post-discussion "Dance Improvisation as Research: Liquid Knowing and Languaging" with OSU cohorts and faculty (I consider them "cohorts" in ways) and was sparked as… Continue reading Repetition + Adaptation = Truth… and dichotomies as praxis?

Im typing this post in real time

good. god. it actually read that as i typed it, the title: "i'm typing this post in 'real time'". .. ! tha fuq is real time? this is the first post i will have ever type/d in real time. until now i've posted excerpted written journals and other 'un-real time' ephemera on this blogsite. so. i read the posts… Continue reading Im typing this post in real time

“I thought” or “It made me think of”

instax wall at kate and moxy's   jan2014   photo by cole How long do we live? Do I know when I'll die? I see myself. I don't imagine myself as an old woman. There is something easy about death for me. I wonder if he has seen this? Who cares. When light disappears so does… Continue reading “I thought” or “It made me think of”

dew: wet – response on this week’s pubLicK practice

A duet. Many vocals, some words but mostly sounds in a wide range of dynamic and affect. If some witnesses could not see us in the second floor window, anyone passing within 30 feet could hear us. We did not acknowledge others but our busy crossroad location and the open windows sufficed as invitation. We… Continue reading dew: wet – response on this week’s pubLicK practice

Questions of “9 Spaces”

In 2013, I created a work for Columbus Moving Company's concert Off the Wall. Each dance maker's work began from a piece of visual art in the Pizzuti Collection. I chose Roberto Diago's "Untitled 2011" and developed a process. The process was originally performed under the title "         " (that's nine spaces between… Continue reading Questions of “9 Spaces”