questions are a gift

Ali, Mom, NYC Few months back, I was part of a symposium at NYU/Tisch on ensemble improvisation called Form in Question. Before arriving, K.J. Holmes invited me to be part of a group that would perform during her session and I ended up part of a sextet with Jennifer Monson, Linda Austin and musicians Kris Apple, Robert… Continue reading questions are a gift


  a new dance. maybe it's called 'matches' justin fitch, jess gore, ray elder, ella hackworth, sheneese thompson, and orion and aries gore. sound by cast and ammanuel tekeste. i film in the  middle if this dance. i leave the typo if here instead of of because i recently received a deep text that had… Continue reading MAtches

Much, much more than words.

photo by cole during 'the theater is a blank page' a collaboration by Ann Hamilton and Ann Bogart with SITI Company at The Wexner Center for the Arts. ... Your foot in my mouth, or mine in yours?  I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Porter on April 3, 2015 for coursework with Dr. Candace… Continue reading Much, much more than words.

all the Time finding moments

tree tops

"Have you done a treetop one yet?" prompt by Justin. photo by cole. Finding moments. Searching for constancy. And all the Time   finding moments. One does not stand upon time. Here I'd love to draw that little loop he motioned. It would begin at 3oclock and move counterclockwise the size of a fist. Thicker as… Continue reading all the Time finding moments

If, Then… fun w Constructs

photo: nico by tawa for his "digression: beauty" I look through the lens of my own constructs to see you through the lens of yours. Like two projectors aimed facing one another. I illuminate you by the light of my individual story. You can imagine, as we shine our Sight on one another the images combine to create a relationship - each combination unique. Which… Continue reading If, Then… fun w Constructs

you’re not: zen

page hall nov 25, 2014 photo by nico "Punctuation can do more than words" Tom Kasulis said tonight during the introduction of himself at his lecture "Zen Buddhism as Creativity". He shared many good thoughts with us including "I  is the name for the flow of my experiences". I give the entire happening a bloody thumbs-up. Yesterday I read an old journal excerpt,… Continue reading you’re not: zen

la Vida

Vida Midgelow visits OSU 11.18/19.14 to dialogue with us on practice as research, in words and in movement. Today she enables us to write and improvise through decision/tasks. We move, speak, and write as witness and mover, in first and third person. Following is an excerpt of reflexive writing during this process: I write: I am fatigued, anxious and pent-up.… Continue reading la Vida

Im typing this post in real time

good. god. it actually read that as i typed it, the title: "i'm typing this post in 'real time'". .. ! tha fuq is real time? this is the first post i will have ever type/d in real time. until now i've posted excerpted written journals and other 'un-real time' ephemera on this blogsite. so. i read the posts… Continue reading Im typing this post in real time