“touch a nerve?” (anonymous)

Listening to the interviews I’ve collected. Transcribing, re-living, processing with new ideas. Imagine me as a tree growing lessons by the sun. Ra It’s like I’m tripping. Dripping. Over the last two years I've recorded dozens of people, different ages in different parts of the world discussing their ideas of “self/not-self”, “time”, and now a third question… Continue reading “touch a nerve?” (anonymous)

Observing BMC

Bebe Miller Company residency at The Ohio State University 6.8.2016 : Morning session     Observations (Part I): Today I observed most of the morning session of company rehearsal for a new collaboration called “The Making Room”. Collaborators not present at this residency include Susan Rethorst and Lily Skove; Christal Brown and Lila Hurwitz; Darrell… Continue reading Observing BMC

joy, rage, grief, arousal, fear, peace

" gone" made in 2013 by cole Today Faye Driscoll taught a master class at OSU. I was late and entered a room of maybe 37 students and a few observing faculty. Faye Driscoll's work Thank You for Coming: Attendance is on tour at the Wex and she is well-liked in these parts. In allkindsof parts I bet.… Continue reading joy, rage, grief, arousal, fear, peace


  a new dance. maybe it's called 'matches' justin fitch, jess gore, ray elder, ella hackworth, sheneese thompson, and orion and aries gore. sound by cast and ammanuel tekeste. i film in the  middle if this dance. i leave the typo if here instead of of because i recently received a deep text that had… Continue reading MAtches

Middriff. blog : v7. “The plural of Or”.

photo: pub-cafe kouros, agistri island (continue inserteditinside 15Aug15) When this blogpost began It was the midpoint of summer break before a 2nd year of grad school at The Ohio State University. Now a week before teaching a class at THE OSU, I edit this post for the many-eth time. My alma mater is Ohio University, so I know… Continue reading Middriff. blog : v7. “The plural of Or”.

Repetition + Adaptation = Truth… and dichotomies as praxis?

i made this sticky - a post from years ago.. same - and an edit. our shadows and smokey  11Oct2014   photo by cole Last night I attended Vida Midgelow's lecture and post-discussion "Dance Improvisation as Research: Liquid Knowing and Languaging" with OSU cohorts and faculty (I consider them "cohorts" in ways) and was sparked as… Continue reading Repetition + Adaptation = Truth… and dichotomies as praxis?