as the days we sit alone become many more. nature holds us together, just as before. connect with me by way of the trees. notice how the sky holds you in its heart. we are together here, feel it and believe. yes, there is harm. yes, there is suffering. yes, there will be more. remember… Continue reading connect

clocking dance inside i dream you are here all nothing and everything to continue a life.

clocking time watch the years go by dance fills the space a partner left to right inside sit books now full i write dream made visible after paint dries you arrive are whole here while all of time describes nothing  and no time as everything sentient to some  continue in death a life. image: screenshot… Continue reading clocking dance inside i dream you are here all nothing and everything to continue a life.


peoples' thoughts are not your own you sounded sad i heard you flying out back when the world was wide you wrote life out in the sky the friendliest clouds flew round from the hive and every imaginable color was bright blue and green were like purple at night great skies of amber made purpose… Continue reading wol

sing the poem

love notes to myself dear love, my rooms are filled with love for you. over rugs, under blankets, in robes draped. luxurious and plain. sacred nothing. true. moments of dailyness. i love you, my solitude. i hear it coming. don't forget, i am with you. yours, love - nicole garlando TuesNov519751pm photo by nicole garlando… Continue reading sing the poem


what radiate between vessels and dreams i caught thee flung by a tree into my arms crying to be. the apples and mangroves bit light into being; gone was the room sky in the daytime no walls and no gloom. the focus depends all sky no rooms. -nicole garlando excerpt TueNovFih19620pm photo by Jacs Fishburne… Continue reading radiate