Can I get a submarine whambulance for this blogreel? it’s deep. it’s hurt.

… It’s like that thing of when the REM song struck a deep chord, but then got too annoying to appreciate. Yes, everybody poops, and everybody hurts. this blog is starting to feel like that in ways, a little difficult to take-in for a sustained period of time. it has a certain trace of a journey in waters of difficulty, of healing and asking questions. what other stories can we see? to remember the joy in which we swim.

I must remember what is important – what is much more than me. Much more than the world’s suffering or fear. I wonder if this is what the internet is for? if walking through the world wide web, like the world, we connect – then let it be for healing and asking questions and for remembering our humanity. how do i help that? here on the web and in the wide world. may these things be for all of us.

Also, no offense intended to REM or Stefan or Taro Gomi.