I understand that my interests are in-process and of process.

Currently,  I’m interested in gathering interviews from people around the world of all ages on ‘existential’ ideas and I enjoy facilitating discussion between folks on these ideas because I believe this is good for humanity. I utilize the audio recordings to facilitate movement research, poetry and prose, and am currently (STILL 🙂 building a way to house and their transcripts at

My art and research blends a philosophical, theoretical and physical exploration of making; a praxis made visible in movement installations, participatory experiences, made objects and auto-ethnographic documentation of process.

I investigate creative process as research with the intention of affirming the experience of making as essential to humanity.

How can the creative process allow us to flow through lived/perceived states? How does movement research influence our beliefs in theories and philosophies of existence? What relational and collaborative praxes do we cultivate?

How can we imagine the experience of life without frame
– what is making there, and what is made?

Creating is a path for perception on a relational ground in a subjective temporality.

These thoughts make me smile!!! How do humans make meaning from perceptual experiences – from places of content and context – through differing forms of communication, which is to say collaboration?

I am interested in creating new knowledge through sensory experiences and when making, the process of those involved is the research of the work. I am curious.

The concentricity follows flow.

How does repetition and adaptation create truth? What does truth have to do with what is true? How does experience make memory; memories make meaning; meaning make reality? Regardless of country, era, or any other separatist notion to categorize human beings throughout existence – every human is of life. Indeed, “we all came weeping out of someone’s vagina” (Dave Matthews).