HUMAN INTERVIEWS is a project i began in 2014. i facilitate interview dialogues with people i know or people i meet on ideas of self/no self, time, perception, love, and other things that bring wonder or questions to me. Mostly unanswerable things. Interviews are collected on the fly wherever i find myself to be or i schedule them with people who want to talk with me and contribute a moment’s idea on things. Explicit language and views with which you may not agree.

Verge.FM app or stream online Verge.FM is an online radio station based in Columbus, Ohio uplifting creatives from the Midwest and beyond. New episodes of Human Interviews air the third Friday of every month at 8pm est.

For each episode i curate clips from interviews held between 2022-2014. All interviewees are recorded consentually for the purpose of sharing through my creative projects including the HUMAN INTERVIEWS radio show as well as classes, choreography, installations, and writings.

UPDATE: Beginning in September 2021 interviewees have the option to remain anonymous or to be named. Remaining anonymous was the practice from 2014-2021 out of solidarity with some of the first interviewees who could not be named for safety or privacy. Since then I learned that the project can stand with the anonymous as well as with people who choose to be named.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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