interview dialogues with people of different place, experience and belief on ideas of self/not; time; perception; light and other wondrous things.

monthly online radio show sharing clips from interviews i’ve held between 2021-2014
intro/outro music: cello by me

episode 4 : coming April 2021

LISTEN NOW : all episodes archived on Mix Cloud

episode 3 : Friday, March 19 @ 8p eastern time
episode 2 : Friday, Feb 19 2021 @ 8p eastern time
episode 1 : Friday, Jan 22 2021 @ 6p eastern time

in 2014 i began to collect audio interviews in my travels and where i live. each year, a new question presents itself and each interaction with friends and strangers is a teacher in its own way. i believe asking questions of ourselves and imagining new worlds is important for human beings.

the interviews represent perspectives in a specific moment in the life of each person you hear speaking. opinions do not necessarily reflect my own, and that is one of the points of the whole thing – to gather and share points of view. the answers to these unanswerable questions are not as important to me as the interactions or the action of asking oneself these questions, listening to others’ ideas and perspectives and noticing your own change as life goes.

autœthnographic study: the dialogues themselves are a reflection of the questions i wonder on, of time and change and perception. often i get in the way but i am learning.

all participants are recorded consentually. all participants remain anonymous for their safety and/or privacy. all participants have consented to their dialogue being shared through my creative projects, classes, and social processes. thank you to all the people in my life who discuss their thoughts with me, off and on a machine. i am honored to share time and dialogue with you and with everyone who is listening. i share these human interviews with gratitude.