Change interests me. Relational experiments. Emergent art and synchronicity.


“D I S T A N C E” (2020)
Mixed Media Installation

Loft Gallery
Cultural Arts Center
Columbus, Ohio
Sept 19 – Nov 28, 2020 

D I S T A N C E  is a reflection of light, matter, and change. This exhibit represents a trace of unwitnessed moments, thousands of miles, and of loving things. Imagine that Time is a place of perception. In this place, we are moving. The place is also moving. Faster than you can imagine new ways of being. Exquisite and mundane, life is illuminated by beams that swim dark currents to become the sky. Here, I share a few questions and practices of wonder from life.

Instagram LIVE walk-through of the exhibition: Watch here!

“Conversations & Coffee” Garlando discusses D I S T A N C E online via Cultural Arts Center: Watch here

three sheets of grey paper staggered and layered w minimal marks of sharpie, black paint, and turqiouse patina from copper along with this piece of writing

image: wip materials of “D I S T A N C E” (foreshadow in 2019)