my watery mouth on lepecki

photo of me by tawanda 2012

in thinking of my working group practice and reading this:

“… it was about working through how to keep records of hours of improvisations, and notes on everyone’s ideas for sections or for the piece at-large” -André Lepecki on working with Meg Stuart.

i think of the nearly thousands of hours of improvisation over the past five years that mostly no one has experienced except me, collaborators, and members of a working group. last week’s object session – me, jess, ray – the moving lamp on a cord, the book, the 8ball. pure fucking magic. i didn’t record any of it on video. i had my camera that day and was hoping to start facilitating their lens-ing the camera inside of the dance along with me, but it was dead and charging on the wall. except of course for that that of our physical, there is no physical record of it. we each took notes during a later part of that day’s time without the objects, during a rotating score of duets – 1 shelving and 1 doing ‘roun both coming toward the note-taker on a diagonal. writing words as it happened, we shared them afterward. rotated roles. repeat. those were the only notes taken during that session. the earlier magic object improv lasted a bit over 30minutes. i prompted some ideas as we went, but very few.

what did i record in my memory, in my being, in my awareness, in my choreographic of that improvisation? what did they? how can i record what it is that is happening here? now mostly in journal, sometimes their writings, sketches, sometimes video, audio of sessions and conversations. but what have i synthesized? what have we? what has progressed, or sheared off, or been noticed? how can my records of the improvisation support it? how do i … do? how do we?

(excerpt from an email I sent 1.22.16 re improvisation and existence)

thinking about when we perceive. when we experience, what does this do to our being? how does belief effect experience of form?

moving is amazing. how are we in communication with deciding? how can we help the world? and is the world the room we are in? and what is it all for ahhhhahhhh…??!!! hahaha 

What is it as form?
existence. weight in time? 

in body and in doing

a score. scored body. scoured. Sometimes i like to come out of “it” without reflecting. staying in a bit, so as not to be able to reflect in a certain way that requires me out of it all the way.

a constant angled refleCTxivity.

people are asking questions. everywhere i go. distinguishing. situating. moving. intaking. deciding. needing. reflexcting…
what is this force to wonder?
how does presence be?