this one time,

photo: cole, up the bell at Bearnstow

is all of time,


then i was post.

it was after stuff and

before other things.

and i thought

“thought had me,

i never had a thought”

then i  went all beefcake,

batting lashes,

slobber and  sway



that was that one time;

this time i was all

patience and song,

with fives all around,

soft, my place on its face.


i forgot which time,

but both had laughing.

then   there was this  one  time

i saw this: “We won’t divulge exactly how we calculate your _____ score, but here’s a hint about how you can earn points:…” www.

Time is odd to me.  Insert any *    word * to earn points.

 photo: up the bell at Bearnstow by cole