i write in my car (entry 5.23.16)

screenshot from making of lightrecord ‘kneel and play’ 2015

You are afraid of yourself …Ew.

What happens when all fear is gone?

You lose yourself.

You don’t know who you are without fear.

And so.


Be not afraid.

They will say what they’ll say.

They’ll see you as they do.

You can change how you feel.

You can watch as feelings move in and out of your importance.

You can calm yourself.

By breathing.

By remembering you are loved.

And that’s all you need.

You need money.

You need a plan.

You need a life.

This one is sharing.

How does sunset sound?

Where does it lie in the day, in the middle of day, in the in-between?

The possibilities are in.

I fear them.

Is it possible to see what is?

Is it possible to sense seen in a different light?

The old ways are here, and new ways still knowing.

While ways are all I can see.

And so here, people walk side-by-side.


Eating up days with computers and cigarettes. They gather, swarm.

I love time away.

I love light of day; I love shine on my skin; onto other things.

Who you are depends on who is looking. Like the sages say.

If you are looking and you see through feeling thoughts – Then do nothing.

Do nothing.

Do nothing.

Not a thing will be done.

Except the work.

We each end like everything; over unseen, like everything.

That is where the beauty lies. In The unseen Time.

I dreamt of a place without worry for the world, for all I love.

Where we are together to live. To play. To enjoy. To face.

In Time.

I do not stay.

I leave, every Time.

And so does \

And where do I fit in?

Why do I care?

Because you choose to.

And why do I have it this way?

I don’t know.

Unfurl other options before me, and I choose.


Love Life… that which is Time.

6.9.16 i reread my posts sometimes. sometimes i edit even long after. some of these posts are so sad! woman, look at all you love! gratitude lightens me. shit is deep.  images.jpg