what happens when you don’t remember to pick up the paint, to feel your lower legs there heyyyyyy, or to breathe life into and out of your being?

you forget.

it is something to watch ourselves. i can hear ideas because there’s no other sound. it is quiet. because there it goes. the world is calling for your attention. be grateful for this time alone. because soon it will be gone and there will be other lives that be. understand this time is something many feel to want. I have always had it. ten years to the youngest; 10 years to the oldest growing up i got alot of attention or i was alone.


we have seen life as life as life as life

and it is good,.

there are no chances in remembering all the time

so we accept forgetting for the thrill of the memory. Connection. Spark.

The being referencing its own existence, in existing.

it is time to shadow the light. to shade the strokes into buds of hope


hey bud. i have you.

sit alone quite a bit. sit quiet

alone is never done and never nothing. it is connection. i am breathing life into and out of my being. even when i forget.

even alongside. my being alone is something. i exist! and i love to.

lookk!!! the lower leg bones separate
=they are not my knee.

there is no knee.

it is the name of a plac eof action.

we are each alone in a plac eof action.

double tupo. and i still cant type without looking at my fingers and i have gotten down to only using a few fingers again. i reslly need ti practicne those damn typingexwercises. it sthat fine motor shit that is something or at least my fingers moving in this pattern that is NOT WRITING IN A FUCKING BOOOOOOK>

or in the dirtt;

and in the water.


kate sweeney photo

photo: kate sweeney

i edit this post and leave it every once in a while. the content changes inside of itself while here. and in other places. is good. today i movd #feverhead into storage. 18feb2017