rehearsal reflex

mel and amy, justin and kerry in rehearsal
I like the idea that we (all of existence) are carved by movement into being. We are ___________. I used to say “Time”.I lead rehearsal with the dancers from this idea and facilitate movement improvisation while theorizing and writing/sketching/discussing/dancing our process.

in rehearsal for a new work called i don’t know yet.
(premiere feb 2017 as mfa thesis project, location TBD)
dancers: justin, amy, mel, anna, jovita, megan, tammie, ava, ella, kim

motion-capture digital abstraction: vita
photography: kate sweeney
sound: interviews (you) and sharona

the time of touch:

how does time feel when you can feel someone else there?

time of choice

time of connection

we explore the triangulation of weight and the take-down
bellies of mouth and earth upon earth

what is the structure of action here?


[emotions are repetitive


“the conservation of angular momentum”

we are always the same weight but that weight in short, quick movements would show a sine wave that is ultraviolet; long movements would be red.]
-amy kb