sunshower april 2017

I can change myself and that’s it.

Aware of what I [you] practice and this as part of it.

Help is feeling sunshine air within.

Remember love.

Fall grateful up with chin.

You are it.


Who Is there to see truth? Yours is true for you and mine too

yes values

yes ethics

and morals, if you choose


A few years back I began to ask people questions about things I wonder and record (with permission) as anonymous interviews. Including: “what is a culture?” “what is self/not-self?” and “what do words do?”. so people of different nation and age record with me. i collect to make from and share their ideas on these questions and on the constructs and ‘material’ if you will, of “perception” and “time”.

But they have nothing to do with who is better than who.

Value is what is common among us.

Life’s value.

That is the value we can put out before us.

Love those you do.

Be free to choose.

Identify on whatever spectrum you use.


Move and lift soil of love

Overturn the rich dirt to ground water below



trips itself running down my leg, running it drips. warmer than the room, it moves at a different time than my leg. A single drip runs a thread down my right leg. I sit spread in sun a heated breeze roun my face.

photo by me, last week of grad school