quiet for a while

down far into trees

she breathes

go backward

make up as your down

open heart look.

been bent a long while

chopping time. seeing far in and behind,
a lowered gaze.

the sky hits through; its blue all around me.

jump and turn at the same time!


a child was birthed at this year’s time. here to ask questions, see bright through blue eyes. bless. and bless all who love this child and all who may cross paths, to continue to help show that life is as we have it. gratitude key.

i got two keys once, on a trip with a friend. we went further on from new orleans but stopped at marie laveau’s. i bought one for myself and one for my partner in that time. the keys represented certain ideas by the color of bead layered on their black rope. they felt related to the moments in our lives at hand. mine are white and the key was to be connected to creative clarity. the other key came with a deep blue indigo to be connected to blessings at a crossroad. i remember these things quite clear.

bright blue.

eyes up,

with gratitude.