at a time

tell them come, go.

with all that i know and all i do not, i smile and walk.

thank you, existence for dreams of me: hawk.
i sway forth and then out, gazing sky as i bawk (balk). the trying is done behind eyes now half-closed. seems i try all i can not to send on to go. on to this and or that. at a time i’m unknown in a moment i’m still. i like not to know.

a decision to wait. take me up from behind, or seep in from below, or come to me up straight on a widening gait.

we needn’t have fear to do what we do. someday i’ll go through, of course, so will you.

it is time as the bottom comes by from above a gratitudinal scale of Life and of love.

devalue your judgement. even all that you thought. existence not easily weighed does a lot.

i see things offer up as i try
not to look directly at while
singing low from hello’s bye.

silly fool. silly fool. silly twit if you like. you’ve been fooled into thinking you’re above in your sight.

but above isn’t real at the core of all things.
gravity bears justice, baring worth in all things.

for the tree i imagine standing on, right at top
is actually me, dancing on.

just coming through to tell them i’m gone.

photo: nicole, the wexner center outside