“if nobody’s hungry, how we gonna know who’s better?” rod jokes pointedly before he leaves for bootcamp to join the navy.

all people to  rise.
and if there’s no sight
that we all rise at once, then it shall be


in my sight the planet melts,
time moves differently.
waters run over land, through our human class dam.

we may not know how to succeed.

why is it that we
sun on skin with no bend?
of vibrating light
values form over soul.

how can we live like we know how to again?
start each in a place
of perception, of you:

human life being made [in]to race.

faster it gets when all waters rise.
quick, do the shift so the tide washes wide.

in a push. a heave.

i sit here experiencing my own body as the bus drives. as someone drives the bus. i sit here feeling the tension in my neck jaw and shoulders. one woman speaks on the phone. her conversation well known. she says nothing, incessantly. others hear her, but say not a word. we do not respond though that for whom she speaks, must be.

as it is with me, i suppose. hearing voice as i go. i sit watching tree by tree go past me. they speak to me but i can only see. no, i hear and they hear me too. i don’t have to do the work of driving. it is done for me. 1 car, 1 person. what is it we have turned to? from horse to porsche. we tamed animals and now technology commands. controls us. we can not choose. but we can. so drastic it must be. or we yawn and go with. turning us to machine.

2 people 1 car. together they go. she sleeps and i write neither watching the road. the horse head bent down eating grass as i go. following one then another. taking time as i flow. watching lines on the truck swiftly made from the road. the baron in wink in window of car, we are slow. and basic it seems to converse on the road but quiet i sit. watching 1 & 1 tow.

looking up i can see all the grey follow me. the trees light in my seat and heat trapped around me. around in the ground. of the ground. underneath. water flows and the grass whips the gas through the wheat. Eaten by meat, then we eat and all is covered with heat. go intention and loss great, bought by money of seat.

I bought it too, with money I made making food thought from consciousness down in the rain.

A triumph, a child blurts out life’s exclaim. The response is a soothe. short, but there in refrain.

what’s my frame- it surrounds all that I see;
all I paint and write through
of it, you, and me.
God complex is true. and so have one should you.
You are God eating food, bringing feeling to truth.

subsiding truth is still true, just not anymore

I’m hungry.
take your feet down to the floor.