story rhyme

there was an old being

who lived in some shoes

it didn have time

for the bumbling fools.

it sat up quite straight

always there in the light.

100 years old and still up and down flights.

they do it somehow

through both wandering poles,

with love and love tight herding sleep sound in droves.

and once with exclaim they responded off-right:

“don’t dissipate, christ-sake!” that’s the secret to life.

“and genetics.” they said, going on with some thought.

okay, R – E – G. i maybe agree but true or not,

love of life – that is what you’ve got.

i sometimes need reminders that life is to be loved. and to love we must feel love for ourselves and our lives. to love what we’ve got. we must go outside. touch the ground and look up. life is what we’ve got. skyplanet beings in feelings and light. i think if humans of the world could look out from the earth into the sky for a single moment, all at the same time, humanity might see itself differently.

excerpt 19AUG 2017