true *

when trouble takes
and makes a bed,

you lay in it.



and here i see my habit of no.

when do you notice it?

when i am afraid.

and when is that?

when it is something i love.

and so here, in this moment, see the things that are true:

  1. you love making art
  2. you love people too
  3. you love your own being : the vessel; its ‘through’
  4. you share love with fear


neednot Share love with fear,

selfish now is my nature.
I will
Not share with fear
fear is not my share -taker.

I do not share with fear.

Fear has its own love. Beloved and mate.
They are all welcome here
and can sit there and wait.

While i give Love to you.

Fear and its Beloved can leave if they want.
Or stay.
I will give them kindness,
they do not need hate.

and I’ll not give fear You.

My Love radiate.


That in form of what’s true – not the same as Your truth.

If’all changes, true changes.

and Truth changes you.


photo by kate sweeney : garlando’s “time in” (february 2017) with ella hackworth, justin fitch, megan d. bushway, cole henry jones,amy kies-budzynski, mel mark, jovita purqueras, ava morgan, tamie rietenbach, kim wilczak, and anna womacka (unseen off right), with motion capture animation by vita berezina-blackburn.