“how not to be a cunt”

I googled that today.

because i feel like a cunt.

I am grateful at the same. typing: “how not to be a cunt”  reflects my own dear heart back to me and love of perspective shifts in banality.

I am currently far too critical and self-involved to perceive reality.

Recognition is important for change.

Light feels good within my heart and on my head, and on mask of skin of lives now dead. Human grace on Angelface.

I am the same as everything.

I am and making what I see. Heart and thoughts. What I feel as banality. Reality.

Go outside. Feel sky height of this day.

You’ve written it. Now go away. breathe out today.

so change can stay.

when i googled “how not to be a cunt” i read : https://thoughtcatalog.com/tag/philosophy-of-being-cunt/ and then wrote this post. penelopes eggplant – who/where ever you are, thank you for writing! i hope you are well(:




photo, me

it is sometimes quite difficult to write because each word, each idea, each sense experience has become time. my perception. my reality. i am overwhelmed by the idea of separating things into me, into perception, this sound of helicopter circling so loud to cause my sensed experience of it to vibrate through my brain as i hear it, as me.  Stardust circles. I can’t even type a word to describe the wholeness of things. my brain is tingling now, the flow i can feel in form through all my senses. everything.