we receive a prompt and have 2:30-5 minutes to write at a workshop with the other open mic at feverhead 2016

“a poem to your neighbor about all the noise last night”

It was just me knocking around
shaking house,
grounding out.

It was my laughter alone
knocking gaps in the sound.

That’s me clumsy in kitchen,
short temper
quick song.

Dancing thoughts out skylight
my legs become long.

“the secret life of your shadow”

I have no real idea what it does

I imagine there’s a great deal of being about.
in Earth
caves and forest beds
It doesn’t like water
land air fire please.

Anticipate sound
Layers travel unseen.

It feels, I know that –
chases sun and sill trees.

It listens
says nothing.
Learns and smiles; does not teach.

“use the words ‘cluster’, ‘evoke’, ‘bedtime'”

timing the bed

time in the bed

time clusters my bed

evoke your waking sleep the dead,

and smile

as they climb into bed.

timing the dead as they smile from my bed.

nice to be held by energy drawn

from time in my bed with love from beyond.

spread love from the dead

they are time and non-time.

“use the last line as the first line in a poem about ‘baptism'”

Spread love from the dead, they are time and non-time.
Dripping down baby’s head
or now grown,
in river’s bed.
The Earth
chill of water
from mother,
i’ll give you a name
and drip god on your eyes.

 photo: fishtank san diego 2016