sickest id

i talk with some people about many things. i’d like to talk with all people about some things. today, after i was trying to speak and listen – i thought about the idea of some thing other than light, other than darkness of cosmic space. what is this existence? early theories of cosmology are a plenty. it is all poetry. many mentions of sea. numbers and theories try to explain it to me. the numbers we have found are ways to measure aspects of the relationship we can notice of different unknown things. numbers are made in order to return to stasis. zero. no change. how do numbers measure change? how might that give us an inkling? see it through the imaginary. the poetic silence of observing. Look at this pattern. it is (not) a known, it is un-. and under we go. what is it we are looking for? knowledge of what? the universe? the cosmos? the reason? i’m not quite sure. but feel something pulling. how is it that i have a perspective. a place. and it has observation? has senses to perceive? this interests me but what is pulling me is sense;less. no senses. the interest in observation that does not involve sensing.

it has no perception.

how am i to explain? how to idea what is pulling me, translate into language? how to conceive without senses? energetic consequence/pre/sequence: real thing. human experience is made by them. i must perceive.

(smokey and me, maybe 2014)