chartreuse consumes me. people eat eggs and tv. somewhere, my mates sleep.


green of a gray morning, restless. waiting to go back to work, sleep forgets me.



from a memory my hair pulls, i am uprooted from my being. time flies out from me like blood out the mouth of knocked teeth. danger heats the air around me; politic is released. hungry thoughts of non-adjacency, wash down with coffee. a sweet goodbye and the universe thanks me in friends and loved ones held by our own duplicity.

from plush dreams and mountain climbing i’ve seen the brightest peak burning low on the horizon as i pass in the atmosphere barely missing the whole thing. turning goes on record as the place i have not been. no recording can catch the release of time on a chin. folded sitting, i see fit the joy of many journeys.

(excerpt Aug14 2018)

red curtain exposed, not green : ng