she sat. quite still from the neck up. it was dark but not that much. from there she could see front; the back reflected somewhere, in the out.

how far out could she go before her bones disintegrated? what line should she know to be able to integrate? how could she get out and get into the thing that heaven could bring on a piece with some trees?

shove your power lines up past your ears. i’ve had it here. I’ve heard to it. see? so i want it again.

all the space you can send.

hold out your hand.

hold it.


hold it


ok little thing, sweetest bee. butterfly your way from the then and the me.

fly out past the garden of what secrets be.

i found only once that the trick was my knee

tricky knee

jicky knee

nikki g

there are other names

i hear about me,

i’ll tell you a few:

nicole marie, nik-nak and nikki – that stuck

angel-face and nic, and nico now up.

cole, mostly i feel when i’m sitting here but when i tell the food spot they can never quite hear me clear. i practice saying my name so others can here.


what is the question?

what is matter?

how do particles buoying reflected light become me?

how might i be?

a god. an accident. a simulation. a dream.

i believe it a dream before many of these.

so what then is dreaming?

a magnificent beast.

it dreams wicked light things

that feel like choice to me.


video: my shot for a #VSAohio short film in which i gather folks’ of all abilities thoughts and footage after asking “what is creativity?”

top image: eve hermann self-portrait at feverhead