i kept it closed but not that far. his words, sound without a jar. laughter broke and spilled through glass walls. bones and stones stuck thick. no breaking a horse ridden long and quick. the flow returns, racing. i smile and sit, patient. how does one come to think of life without kid gloves. it is hard in there. boxed in as bricks holding up a house made of sticks. come quick, the light is better here. come see me. but don’t expect to see what you think is happening. be brave, you’ll see reality. hover. then run down the mountain and let the sky swallow you up. rising wings over clouds staying puffed. the clouds will not hold you up as you fall. their edges will soften, you’ll drop through them all. follow yourself down and look up – the light is on call. call it up it will come as days next to thaw. a moment frozen on the skin. teeth chatter. it calls.

hello? it has been so long. i hope you are well and honor all points of the cosmos of who you are. i forgive you. and love you from then. from afar.

excerpt written 11oct2018

 image: me by kate sweeney