what do you eat?

write more, it is not through.

there is something that wants to get out to get through.

are you trying to learn? do you think jotting words can make you better? make you strong?

can show you who you are?



it is quite something, the dawn. it is fantastic to watch the light change every morn.

what do we do?

what we do.

what can i do?

what i do.

what greatness can i be to understand me.

i am a powerful being.

one that can imagine anything.

can see everything.

everything that leaves me smiling.

everything that brings a smile

to the heart.

so when fright comes, don’t let it scare you.

it isn’t frightening.

it’s just fear.

it is nothing.

and you needn’t be afraid

of nothing,

it can disappear.

you can create it and then leave it here.

write it out.

write out all the fear.

now words on a screen. they do not reside in your spleen.

not between her and a cello.

there is nothing to me.

nothing fear can do to me.

and nothing i can do for it.

i cannot feed it anymore because i don’t have shit.

no fear.

and complacency is a dull dull bitch.

excerpt 8oct2018

image: detail of “form” 2018