how often

how often

do we think we

do a thing

when truly we

are doing

something else

how often

do we think we

go toward a thing

when actually

it is moving

toward us


it chases me

we both roll

pass one another

on our way to the sun


it comes to me
out from the sun

seen round


to start an oblong one

different this time from the previous run

last night i watched a dog circle its bed 

round and around 

to get it right

to feel it sound

it reminded me of years and lifetimes

we circle around

i smiled and laughed

which stopped the dog

who faced me

to smile back

eye to eye

before it lay down

in my place

of perception

as i become

this time

i move toward the sun

while you come

from behind it

to lead me

to follow 

to the other side.

inspired by virgo and the ego observatory in italy (infn and cnrs) and ligo

written 13Feb2019 7pm hour

image: screenshot of lecture on fluid mechanics – free boundary problems (sorry i cannot remember which one this was but may update later)