focus on the breathing talent of the wind

focus on the vast energy of the verse you swim in


you can swim

under dark translucence and effervescent wind

bubbles reflect light that is time traveling, and within

today i read that we can only see light as old as the universe has been estimated to exist – moving for some 13.8 billion


the way we see in terms of time and things we think.

i crawl into my body

hard today from not yet dancing

i breathe

inhale and keep typing.

i will go some place

this place has left me cold

i have been here half my life

i will leave it soon

take with me a shelf of all i think i know

everything of love and pain that’s taught me how to trust

in my art, in a voice, in the ways that i am struck

by the bending of the light in the mass of what is shone

by what we measure

by the stick of all we think we know.

my heart laughs

the idea that we get closer to unknown

that beyond where light bends

we focus lens and call out discovery when really it is bone;

existence has known itself before we came along

and you have been here much further than light in a universe can show.