no longer

have i

a taste

for the stuff

even so

time feels

i need more


i get up.

i look in

and can see

where i’ll be

when time deems

it enough-

sky wide

all i do

is pour

and look up.

full up

listen to it

run over

the cup

i am filled

and i drip

rushing out

from pent up

not once

have i thought

of him drunk

from my cup

only twice or five times

his face

ever came up.




in blurred dreams

my memory

thinks words

to search meaning

as time

won’t give up

“you will heal”

time told me,

“when you’ve had me enough”

not once

did i think

of him drinking me up

only three or eight times

did the viper

rise up.

i sip hot water

lemon cool

and give up

nod to the wait

for an order

of time still

with the cup.