hello monster

Dear Fear-Breather,

I would say that i miss you but you haven’t been gone long enough for it to be true. I hold dear your heart and know it’s good that i do. You’ve been by my side for as long as i remember. Sat when i fought sleep to allow my surrender. I released into you and you held me so tight. It must have been difficult, always at my side. I know you worried your life. It’s best then, that monsters do a few spans shorter in time.

Never did I fear you, ferocious old thing
I made you
From the corner of my mind you sat and breathed

The smoke on your tongue clouded my room
I gasped in the woven rings

Gulping, sang your rhyme
i was warm, out-of-tune
Everything frightened me
except for you

i snuggled your soul
Shrank from the world
Turned embers and coal

You, the most memorable monster, made me feel brave. Everywhere I went I felt afraid.
Fear was my strength
I had scary to bold

Now that you’ve gone and your smoke dissipates –
I see nothing is frightening.

Thank you. Your fear, like fire, has polished my soul.

I love you, my monster. 



write a love letter to a monster of your own making. prompt by Winter Tangerine #WTWrites April’19