what time is it?

the clock doesn’t ring, i keep the volume turned off.

no vibration at all 

just ticking in sight

he held her face between his hands. she loved her mouth so close to his. he wanted her. chose her for the rest of his life. and this time he was right. settle in, something’s about to begin. hear thoughts and type them all out again.

it is the same that you’ve seen

all that you dream

nothing grows that is not nurtured

your prayers and imagined energy grow things

they are all you can see

or believe

alone you seem

beside all human beings

light be

your mistress, your spouse, and your end. i told him

“light is distance illuminated”

i typed it into instagram 

and felt it in my skin.

what comes from such thinking? 

what movement drips in

from toes that stand while i type again

take the hood off your head, it stoops your chin

i do, and immediately want my head covered as you speak from within.

she lifts her mouth to his and he takes it in. listening in tongue. she hears what neither speak as he leans into her known. they are grateful for the stroke. luck or journey on, made from timing

and time spent alone.

what prayers can i say that will help all the world?

i watch from south side downtown

this city is quiet so close, hidden by roofs.

for those we are to protect –

may all children feel safe.

may all beings feel safe.

may all children feel joy.

may all beings feel joy.

may all children feel loved.

may all beings feel loved.

may healing and health be

recognise, celebrate and nurture

humans animals trees

wind sun emotions

moving galaxies

matter and thought

living and not

whatever is watching

or feeling

if anything

i love you 


“love” excerpt of a short story’s beginning mixed with prayers by nicole garlando, april 2019

image: no i will not press esc – ss of a vid i took 19april19