second half of “bonds and dancing”


i put on the brakes. i stop reeling. 

i focus on the work to do

get whatever this is out of me

let it come

see your dancing.

not how it feels or what you think

tell me what you see.

i see the inside of my experience

i see a tree

a see a line of shadow,

i see it moving

i see the physics of me

they beckon me

to follow

to not decide what i see.

i see what i think i might see

if i were here watching

i imagine me

i see my imagination

i see it is limited.

i see i am limiting me.

i see 

from underneath i come


i see things before they happen 

and i see them momentarliy.

i see i’d like to reposition my vision

to see them indefinitely.

wip written by nicole garlando june 2019
image: nicole improvising in “neural” a 2019 art installation and photo by jacs fishburne