hide rate


up twenty from last week

today i will see no thing i don’t want to see

ha! it is already happening


wait. do not follow the wander

stay still
what are you writing?



01-7 yluj

irf – nom


a03:9 – p1

wotsB morf

ebeB +

drahcir + tenaJ /w evird edir


chek phone



did i know that as i was checking?



a glorious society

with no glory



a community of ties

the phone rings

call from whatever is there

nothing breathes

it hangs up

who you are is how you do

i will protect myself from you

this thing that’s in view

i will protect

myself from you

disappear she heard

get ready it said

and it flew from the bed

from her


her ideas broke off
like the bread

she said look and do this \,
tone low, barely said
then the closest around her would exclaim to the room as if it came from their head. yes! she quietly nodded the road she had led.

just let’s go.

keep the glory for after i’m dead.

an idea whispered clean from outside of you.

as i type this (sometimes i type sometimes i write)

sometimes my feet and skin seek light

as i type this

there was a presence on my right. i, on its left.

follow the left. it was a mantra i sometimes heard in my head that could help me walksitorlay without pain.

follow the left. it’s a saying that i have given many different meanings to in my life. like most things.

when i say things, i mean

perceptual functions of my being, that i am aware of and not, which are happening + any material, energy, and idea outside of me

everything that happens in existence – let’s have existence be time, and time be distance.

time might be distance
except distance doesn’t exist

unless by relational points on a sheet

if only one point

there is no distance

so it’s

no thing, to a thing.


#noquotes #cis #noncis #cister #sis #sisters #fhwc #relationalpoints #relativity #questionit

written 6:40p july 10 2019, by nicole garlando.
i wrote the term “hide rate” in a text about drinking water.
wit, since it was also a hiding day for me to recuperate.

(sdrawkcab trap: emit ym fo erawa eb ot fles ot eton nettirw a fo tprecxe)

photo by craig bortmas 2019
“a safe place with nicole garlando”
#bortmasphoto #garlandORANGE