when thought becomes state

i have gone 

caught wind of a freedom like no other

free of thought

free of want

free of action

you instead, are these things

and you can change.

this is not me speaking, it is you.

is there anything you will say here too?

i cannot change you.

you think you are you

so you’ll be that

and you won’t know you;

like water

i watched his muscles move

i watched him closely

and love grew

he was brilliant

i always spot the brilliant ones

what sun comes to bring its light to me

what days begin and end with a voice in my body

what is this voice that dreams as me?

this waking whisper crawling?

what wonder

what doubt

what curiosity

what is this voice that screams as me


my head ringing

i stand in a puddle around me

it is murky with desire and narrow thoughts of me

i stand quite still

bugs fly on me

they bite

as i stand as still as i can be

don’t try to do anything

just listen 

engage what comes

what comes is a wave 

of energy

of light

of happiness


it is beauty as it stops

on its own

like a rolled tire wobbling

it swerves gracefully

comes to an end

of its own becoming.

excerpted 20Aug2019 from a longer sad note I wrote this summer. 27 references to “me” in this short bit. that is a great deal of focus on my own shit, good to remember there are more thought options than this.
photo: s
s of student footage from our sessions at creative current, columbus ohio august 2019
(this post edited 23aug2019)