on the day you were born

to be read aloud

It is [insert current date and time]

on the Day you were Born

the Sky was moving at dawn

animals and babies

welcomed you


with open arms

Trees waved

from the tip 

of a breeze 

and leaves 



through a window



across from you

like a Reflection

Missing Color 

the sun 


her shadow 

before you

Trees were Leaving

you Moved.

No matter where you come from

or where you have gone

No matter what you look like 

or how you move From,

The day were born

You are loved

You are seen

By me

May you feel it

And may you reach for your joy

in the Light

in the Dark

of the day you were born.

– excerpt of poetry by nicole garlando, 2019

image: screen shot from clip by nicole garlando