If you suffer

Feel the lungs
Take toll
It comes
Breathe, one
Life moves through
Moves you to move
Do not stifle it
Do not feel it want

Every cell of being rises
All of time understands
It’s breathing you up
Up from the ground you have trod
Felt trodden upon

Down come the waves of your pardon
Sit and be counted

I am with you
I am here
You need not be afraid
No anger lives here

It is a choice
To see me and breathe
To see me and be done breathing
Move with me
I will carry you out from your skin
Bones become animal kin
Falling up to come here again.

excerpt (edited) 16Feb2020

image: an abstract painting on a scrap of drywall. snow-capped mountain lit deep orange and gold by a setting/rising sun. garlando (2012) photo crop distortion by wp on single page.