red drapes in daylight

july 29 3:55 am

you can write about a million things and none can make it true. there is something in you. you can listen and change how you do. the head pounds. the breath continues. and sometimes the keys come out because you can’t fall asleep. there is something to get to. something calling the fingers to move. 

read and listen 

let it come though. 

question not what you do

there is something doing in you.

through you

all love and healing can understand you AND you can listen too. gather the crown ‘the gold ‘the jettisoned. and breathe automatic luxury in. the natural luxury of life alone in the day. days like graves. my resting place will not be a grave. please burn me rising into the sky or plant me in a tree. spread me. into earth. let me be. as i am alive. bring me to the earth and leave me be. the work runs down off of me. i understand time is making. i become. me. after days and nights are all gone. all done. all there. i understand the rest is breathing over there.