screen shit of a close up of a screenshot of a video of me sit for cello practice

neverending excerpt : archive

” life i love you.

you have been the best yet

i lied.

there was that one without pain inside.

the light from that place …

so gorgeous 

i died.

love you,


whoever these writings find 

know i made my place in this body 

a lovely one inside.

i love you all, family 

i love you friends who are mine

i love you all work i did 

before i died.

just wait til you see me after there is upward inside.

never die.

nothing does 

nothing dies

it comes to water. air. metal. space. fire. dust.

begin again.


like a sun in a sky here at dusk.

 i read through this page of one day’s events and its writing again

this the last line.

i read through it one more time.


Wed May 15, 2019 11:38 PM   

 once more i read/edit this …

this now the last line.”

(edited nov 25, 2020 10:03am)

excerpt from decades of daily writing by nicole garlando.