reflection of bright light fractured on a pale wall

nothing personal

there is a little thing and it is understood there are many things.

a small thing can often be the heaviest. and to challenge oneself we must look at the small things as important aspects of character and reality. 

one’s character is a reality. an understanding of a lack of trustworthiness means people’s lies are honest. they reveal the truth: people lie. so in this, one can trust. one can trust that some people will not keep their word if it does not serve them in the moment. all actions and expectations can be informed by this reality. people will do whatever they can to get what they want. it’s nothing personal.

there is no greater joy than not having to lie to anyone to get what you want. when you lie to others you are of course first lying to yourself. there is no greater disappointment to the self than lying to the self.

once you have become a certain way there is no need to ever lie again. to ever hide or manipulate. there is great freedom and joy in leaving out the lie. i am honored to honor myself in this way.

i appreciate who i am. i am worthy of all the honesty and love. i give myself these things.