east coast beach scene sunrise, wood poles and bottom half a "do not enter" sign


just write what you hear.

yes please the light again it is silvery. tinkling like dandelion shimmers in a cool clear clutter of things. the light in streaks it seeps. in swirls today. some days it shines straight in and some days it climbs. up from the water and down from the skies. 

the light fills the room like a fog. a clear fog from the cold outside. snow on the ground. just a dusting. the light is reflected off wet bricks and car lights. the cat wanders and hides. she comes to my side. and mews at my face in computer light. my finger clicking the keys like a jangle of things. hard and metallic.

the light it is silvery. metallic indeed. but made soft by the room’s energy. the color of things. the warmth they bring. pale pale pink walls thick dark furniture in between. the light turns to beam. the shadows increase. brighter the light, shadow more cut, more swift. the time it takes to move over the wall. i can tell time by the light in the room. the direction and speed. the feeling it bends. fast in the middle of the room across the far wall and slow on each end. time slows the closer light gets to the corners. if time is distance in a room.

i can’t sleep anymore. even when i do.

(first draft, excerpt from dailies Jan 27, 2021)

image by garlando 2019