My name is Nicole Garlando. I am a maker. You can choose to call me Cole, Nico, Nikki, Nik, Garlando or Nicole. NB/Pan It/She/They.

My work is in somatic research, imagination, and intuition. Interested in cosmological theories, philosophies attending to self, phenomenology, noumenology, and change – I believe in creative process as inquiry and as a vehicle for internal and societal r/evolution.

I am absorbed with both the concepts and (non)material of LIGHT and TIME. I believe we as human beings are like projectors aimed at one another: I see you, through my own story.

Autœthnography: another way to learn about self, perception, and reality. I am interested in the research of my own creative/human process – compiling and vetting decades of my writing, choreographic and somatic research, poetry, paintings, footage, and ontological inquiry. Alongside awareness of social events and histories, this serves as a creative feedback loop and allows me to see and honor change.

I started working when I was 13, teaching tap dance and creative movement to children of all abilities. After that my first quarter century of work looks like this: enter college as a studio competition dance hip hop and tap kid + introduction to contact improvisation, contemporary choreographers, yoga and somatic methodologies + choreograph, perform and teach + create partnership between Dance Dept and OU Child Development Center and teach students to work with infants – preschool kids on developmental skills and creativity; choreographer with 14th St Playhouse in Atlanta + preschool teacher; 2005 co-found a non-profit holistic health and creative arts organization called the Ananda Center in my hometown Ohio and serve as its Artistic Director + grant writer + begin Zen Buddhist meditation study, guided imagery, Qigong and Tai Chi student + choreograph, perform, and teach movement at the Center + produce many concerts, exhibits and interdisicplinary performances + develop community programs + teach children in afterschool + co-pilot the preschool fine arts immersion program Artful Living; move to Columbus in 2011 and help open Feverhead + perform, choreograph and teach community classes + conceive, grant-write, produce and direct two city-wide dance festivals for Columbus dance artists + teach children in afterschool and community programs +begin my study of the work of Mind and Life Institute and Fransisco Varela + begin painting as therapy + serve as company administrator for Bebe Miller Company + first artist residency at Bearnstow in Maine; 2014 enter grad school at OSU + GRA for Recuperating the Social Brain – a study on the effects of meditation, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, art interpretation and community service with people with brain and/or mind trauma + GTA in OSU Dance Dept teaching improvisation, compostion and contemporary technique + begin motion capture study and questions of self/time + begin Human Interviews project + choreograph, perform and begin to teach at the Wex + begin autoethnographic study of old notebooks and serious wriitng practice; 2017 graduate and continue to choreograph, perform collaborate and teach in the Columbus community + work part-time as Program Coordinator at VSA Ohio + begin creating Artist in Residence program at Cutural Arts Center and serve as its first Dance Artist in Residence + adjunct at Wittenberg University + produce inter/transdisciplinary happenings and events + serve as Artist in Residence with children at Bridgeway Academy and young adults via Hattie Larlham at Creative Current; take a break; 2020 facilitate programming for Arts & Wellness Academy Retreat at Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach + exhibit mixed media installation DISTANCE at Cultural Arts Center + host classes and events during pandemic online & 1:1 sessions with children & adults in meditation and creativity + gifted a cello and begin to play + Human Interviews gets a radio show on with clips of the interviews i continue to collect + 2021 finalize, launch and coordinate Cultural Arts Center’s Artist in Residence program; unknown changes.

(Ni) Cole
(Ni): first-person plural pronoun
Cole: what some people call me

Nico (le) Garl (and) O
(le): “the” (Fr.) used to point to a definition
(and): used to connect words that are to be taken jointly

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nicole in leslie dworkin’s “the clearing” photo by jennifer denham. description: cole stands feet wide apart in mid swing of a long stick overhead. arms and clothing swing as part of momentum. she wears wide purple pants and light-colored shirts. lit by soft light on a dark stage