screenshot: reflection of a screen in a screen, image by garlando (2020)

My name is Nicole Garlando. I am a maker.

I work in physical research, imagination, and intuition. Interested in cosmological theories, philosophies attending to self, phenomenology, noumenology, and change – I believe in creative process as inquiry and as a vehicle for internal and societal r/evolution.

A choreographer, poet, and inter/transdisciplinary artist, I am absorbed with both the concepts and (non)material of LIGHT and TIME. I believe we as human beings are like projectors aimed at one another: I see you, through me.

Autœthnography: another way to learn about self, perception, and reality. I am interested in the research of my own creative/human process – compiling and vetting decades of my writing, choreographic and somatic research, poetry, paintings, footage, and ontological inquiry. Alongside awareness of social events and histories, this serves as a creative feedback loop and allows me to see and honor change.

I am grateful for the many collaborators and mentors I’ve worked with over the decades including, most recently: Bebe Miller; Michelle Boulé; Jalen Ramsaw; CoCo Loupe; Noelle Chun; Mina Estrada; Mandar Kathe PhD; Gino; Isaac; Amery Kessler; Ariana Lindenfelser; Larry Robertson; Kim Wilczak; Kate Sweeney; Chip Willis; Vita Berezina-Blackburn; Harmony Bench, PhD; Leslie Muhlbach; Tawanda Chabikwa PhD; Maurice Stevens, PhD; Jerry West, PhD; Shelly Chatterelli. I am grateful for current work with the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach and past support from Creative Current; Wittenberg University; Wexner Center for the Arts; Feverhead; Greater Columbus Arts Council; Ohio Arts Council; Columbus City Schools and VSA Ohio; Columbus Museum of Art; Ananda Center; Arts in Stark; Lions Lincoln Theatre; Ferguson Foundation; Downtown Massillon Association; Massillon Museum; Stark County Schools; Ohio University; The Ohio State University. I am also grateful for a connection to and the work of the Mind and Life Institute; passTRESpass in Athens, Greece; National Lawyer’s Guild; and the Body-Mind Centering Association.

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(Ni) Cole
(Ni): first-person plural pronoun
Cole: what some people call me

Nico (le) Garl (and) O
(le): “the” (Fr.) used to point to a definition
(and): used to connect words that are to be taken jointly

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