Hi, I’m Cole. I am a maker.

Interested in learning through movement practices and somatic experiences, my work focuses on collaboration; imagination and intuition; cosmological inquiry; philosophies attending to self as a relational pattern of being; phenomenology and the noumenon; abolition and change – with a belief in creative process as inquiry and as a space for internal and societal r/evolution.

Absorbed in the concepts and non/material (or process) of LIGHT and TIME.

In all its ripples of form, I love inquiry and the promise of existence. I believe we as beings are like projectors aimed at one another. We project our own story over all we see. How do the inner workings of my “projector” and its process interact with your’s and what reality is formed? What do we see? What do you see as me? What are the layers of experience? And how has living in this society created who we each feel to be. How is it that when we communicate, i understand something, even if my understanding is not in the language you speak or just what you mean. I understand something.

May all beings feel love. May all beings feel peace. May all beings feel joy. May all beings feel safe. And what actions can we each take to make that a reality?

Autœthnography is another way I learn about self, perception, and reality – layered in the experiences of other(s’) things, my stacks of creative/life processes are of interest to me. In 2019 I began the slow and tangential art-making process of vetting two decades of my writing, choreographic notes, somatic research; poetry; paintings; footage of processes; and material inquiry. of course it is neverending and other things are made that are nothing to do with these, if that is a possibility.

I am interested in creative process as research, play, and way to change. Ritual, or a reverance to existence, grounds my way(s). It looks different every day. and sometimes it’s hard to find as it exists in the mundane.

A thing is always onto its next iteration. Action and history. They almost meet as they keep spirlaing around me. A creative feedback loop that allows change to be honored. Sometimes abruptly.

(Ni) Cole
(Ni): first-person plural pronoun
Cole: what some people call me
NB/Pan. They/It.

Choreographer / Dancer
MFA Dance, OSU 2017
BFA Dance, OU 2001
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Nico (le) Garl (and) O
(le): (fr.) “the”. points to a definition
(and): (eng.) used to connect words to be taken jointly
Nico Garlo

still from video, garlando during a solo performance / talkback with art on the brain participants at the wexner center for the arts

top image: garlando in improvisation at beeler gallery with “neural” an installation of fabric and titanium by jacs fishburne (photo)