photo: still from video, a film i made and used as set for a dance solo and motion capture collaboration with vita berezina-blackburn


Footage from the onstage camera of “Matches” with Justin Fitch, Ella Hackworth, Ray Graves, Sheneese Thompson, and Jess Gore in Columbus, Ohio October 2015. A structured improvisation I directed and shot live, projected in real-time behind the performers.

“kneel and play”

Improvisation March 2015 and additional footage of students in my classes and working group at Feverhead. Based on my sketch ‘kneel and play’. For coursework, Dept. of Dance at OSU

“one, to many / 1.. 2.. many / one too many”

90 sec. trailer for an interactive performance of scored improvisation of a piece I perform with audience participation, a second dancer, and a mobile musician. The iteration seen here was the first, created with Mihwa Koo. Tawanda Chabikwa joined on berimbau for the performance. Recorded at the Barnett Theater at The Ohio State University on April 6, 2015. I sometimes think of a second iteration.



Improvisation by Anna Brown Massey, April 2015. Sound: “Gymnopedie No.1” by Eric Satie. I shot this to practice editing for coursework, Dept. of Dance at OSU plus I like when Anna moves.

“Bus People”

with CoCo Loupe, March 2014 in Columbus. A random night w C. I bring the camera. She has my prom hat. Edited February 2015.


Tigers win the 2014 Massillon/McKinley football game+++  This video has No sound. Shot November 2014. First shot I ever took for dance film coursework in Dance at OSU.

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