a line of smoke or fog along the bottom of a tree line in shadow at dusk, blue amber silver tones in the sky
photo by nicole garlando, birthday 2019

The audio below is to pay tribute to one of my most impactful teachers and friends, legend Ruth (Reg) Grauert, in honor of Bearnstow during its 75th anniversary! In the 1940s, Bearnstow was one of the first integrated spots around, co-founded by Reg where young people of all gender, race, religion and class could spend the summer together in nature and creativity. I am grateful to love and have been loved by Reg and so happy to share her voice here, excerpted from an interview we did in 2014 around the dinner table. She passed in 2020 at 101 years old.

We will carry her always. And we will carry on. Bearnstow Forever ❤