photo: messy room blur by me

below: Elysa, Amanda, Wayne during my Improvisation course at OSU 2016


My interests are in process and of process –

I facilitate an experience in which collaboration creates knowledge through moving bodies, making things. I like to create happenings that encourage us to re-recognize our relationship to self and to existence: to time.

– To make research play.


Department of Dance at The Ohio State University

Contemporary Technique I, II

Furthers non-major students practice in contemporary movement forms through an integration of historical and theoretical dance studies with studio practice. Emphasis is on time: flow, space, and weight investigated with intention surrounding awareness and choice-making.

The content of this course investigates principles of space, time, and perception using contemporary dance technique alongside improvisation and composition, and multi-modal making to explore self in relation to other, to idea, to action. Through the practice of dance technique, concepts of somatic methodologies, movement improvisation, and collaborative play in the reflexive and layered environment of contemporary dance, we awaken.

Taught by Nicole Garlando, for students enrolled at The Ohio State University.

Improvisation 2121

An intermediate study of contemporary dance improvisation. This course will be focused on various approaches to, and uses of improvisation. Solo and group work, score building and exploration, improvisation with contact and without, improvisation for performance and research. Students will also have selected viewings/readings to frame their work in the past and current theories and practices surrounding improvisation.

Gain new awareness of the systems of body and environment that support movement, thought, and emotion. Improvisational structures and compositional practices from philosophical and theoretical ideas engage the process of contemporary dance.

Trust in your own creativity and agency is important as you attune to your experience, notice your instincts and your ability to change, remain, or some things other.

Facilitated by Cole Garlando, for dance minors enrolled at The Ohio State University.



The Workshop Class: AKA …
Summer 2016

Each session is a performance.

Dance, Improvisation and Composition. Making, showing, research into collaborative creativity. Work on solo or group work, include your own multi-disciplinary exploration of ideas : share, view, discuss.

Treat each class as a one-off or use them to build your work over 8 sessions.

* aka…  the workshop class is named each week, after it occurs, by the people in the room.

Somatic-based dance experience, structured improvisation and choreographic composition that welcomes text, audio, visual, physical, and other possibilities for inspiration and reflection in making.

Each session is 2.5 hours, facilitated by Nicole garlando (nico garlo, cole, nikki, etcetera)

For community adults, all skill levels.


Creative Movement for Kiddos
Summer 2016


Classes include movement exploration through:
Improvisational Games | Choreography and Composition | Percussion Instruments | Song and Music | Poetry | Yoga | Visual Art | Story-Telling | Performances | Observation and Feedback | Partnering | AND anything else that may come up!

Each class ends with Relaxation and Self-Affirmations

Classes are one-hour long, taught by Nicole Garlando

For community kiddos, ages 3-12.

$10 each class (after first kiddo, 1/2 off for siblings)